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Your Reliable Roofing Contractor in Tampa, FL

When it comes to roofing services in Tampa, FL, trust only His and Hers Roofing to address a wide range of needs. Our team can assist you with routine repairs, inspections, roof replacements, and the installation of an entirely new roof. We are committed to providing high-quality services to our customers in the Tampa area. Additionally, we are proud to serve other locations in the Sunshine State, including:

  • Tampa, FL
  • St. Petersburg, FL
  • Clearwater, FL
  • Largo, FL
  • Pinellas Park, FL
  • Safety Harbor, FL
  • Dunedin, FL
  • Oldsmar, FL
  • Seminole, FL
  • Palm Harbor, FL
  • Tarpon Springs, FL
  • Riverview, FL
  • Brandon, FL
  • Valrico, FL
  • Seffner, FL
  • Mango, FL
  • Dover, FL
  • Thonotosassa, FL
  • Carrollwood, FL
  • Town 'n' Country, FL
  • Westchase, FL

Signs You Need Roof Repair

It is not always obvious that you need roof repair in Tampa, FL. While you will likely contact the experts immediately at the first sign of a leak or storm-related damage, there can be other issues with your roof that also require professional attention. These can range from drafts on upper floors, shingles that are faded, cracked, or worn, as well as water stains on walls or in corners that suggest a hidden leak hidden from plain sight.

Importance and Benefits of Professional Roofing Services

With repair and other professional roofing services, you may be tempted to tackle the job yourself. However, this is something we advise against. Professional roofing repairs can save you time, money, and needless hassle and frustration. Keep in mind that when repairs are made, the true source of the problem will be detected and fixed appropriately by the His and Hers Roofing team.

Feel free to request an inspection, which is a routine part of roof maintenance. We also recommend our in-depth inspections after a storm or when you suspect a problem but are not sure what it is. Our trained roofing contractors are sure to identify potential issues and recommend any follow-up steps. 

Proper roofing installation, is also important because a properly installed roof is likely to last for its full life expectancy or longer. Be sure to be diligent about roof maintenance, as well. We recommend having our team check your roofing at least once a year to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. Routine maintenance also allows us to discover minor issues and address them sooner rather than later.

Top Roofing Types and Materials We Offer

There are many options with roofing installation and roof replacement in Tampa, FL. The top options we offer are shingled and metal roofs. Shingles are appealing because of the wide variety of textures and colors. In addition, today's shingles are designed with greater durability in mind. Typically made of steel, aluminum, or copper strips, metal roofing is another one of the top options we offer. This is a lightweight, durable, and attractive option worth considering for both residential and commercial installations.

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Count on the top roofing contractor in Tampa, FL, and benefit from honest, reasonable rates as well as top-notch services. You can also expect high-quality workmanship and personalized service from start to finish. Call His and Hers Roofing today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to providing the quality results you deserve.

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